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Congratulations to all of our 2019 winners!

Note: We are so pleased with all of our film selections for the 2019 season. The jurors have selected the following films/screenplays because of their excellence in specific areas. 

Short Screenplay

Screenwriters featured in parenthesis

1st Place: Broken Dreams (Ron Hervey)

2nd: He Is My Music (Vicki Bartholomew)

3rd: The Last Pirate (Christian Pavlik)

Feature Screenplay

1st Arizona Sunrise (John Martins III)

2nd Pickett Gap (Matthew Ray)

3rd Those We Become (Luke Townsley)

Micro Shorts

Telling People You're Native American       When You're Not Native Is A Lot Like       Telling A Bear You're A Bear When           You're Not A Bear 


The Road to Edmond


The Harvesters


Kill Al


Homecoming Trilogy

Short Drama



You People

High School

Wavy Head



Music Video

In Cold Blood



Uncomfortable: Experiential Learning in a Foreign      Land

Short Documentary

The Blue Valley

Feature Documentary

This is Love

Director: Short Documentary

Savannah Rodgers - Dragtivists

Director: Feature Documentary

James Baillies - Uncomfortable: Experiential                Learning in a Foreign Land

Shawnee Brittan and Joanna Champlin Award

Dan E. Tibbs

Director: Short Narrative

Mark Pinkosh - Foreign

Director: Feature Narrative

Laron Chapman - You People

Lead Actor: Short Narrative

Stella Cole - Emily

Lead Actor: Feature Narrative

Stephen McClintic - Bardo Blues

Supporting Actor: Short Narrative

Renée Stork - Kill Al

Supporting Actor: Feature Narrative

Gabrielle Reyes - You People

Indie Spirit Awards

Running on Indian Time



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