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2023 Red Dirt Film Festival Winners

We’re happy to announce our 2023 winners and nominees! The starred and highlighted selections are the winners in each category. Thanks so much to all who came out Sunday evening to participate in the Awards Ceremony; what a GREAT year we’ve had! Congratulations to you all!


Best Short Narrative -

**L.I.F.E.: P's & Q’s**; The Guard; The Trial of Standing Bear; Lone Wolf Hill; Seeker; The Man in the Long Black Coat

Best Feature Narrative -

Wild Fire; **Father of Nations**; Dangerous Ones

Best Short Documentary -

Over Fire: The Evolution of Barbecue; Beautiful People; Futility Season; Rosalie Fish; The Battle of Red Buttes; **Filmed in Oklahoma**; Kakiniit; Justice For Vanessa; Keep Talking: Six Conversations in Oklahoma City; Patrick Henderson - a U.S. Vets Story; When the Dust Clears

Best Feature Documentary -

Keepers of the Horse; **CROWN**; SOLD! An American Stockyards Story; The Price of Legacy: Wrestling with a Dynasty; NEW: ART is Culture, CULTURE is Art; Musher

Best Director -

Sydney Hendrix (CREEKER); Jennifer Cooney (Wild Fire); Marty Roberts and Jimmy Womble (Running the Bases); Christian Pfitscher (Kill the Darling); Doug McAbee (Into); Kevin Caraher (JUST THE TRUTH); Victor Caballero (Seeker); Tara Alexandra Brown and Vin Chandra (Every Day); **Aleisha Anderson (Father of Nations)**

Best Animation - **Ivan and Craig**, for traditional animation; **Percy Grows Up - A Mythic Comedy**, for mixed media animation; **Head Over Heels**, for short-form animation; Relationships; Balloon Hearts

Best Short Screenplay -

**Hollow Points**; Neath Port Talbot; Prepare the Way; That's So Gay

Best Feature Screenplay -

Leaving Needle Springs; Holy Rollin’; **The TentVille Knights**; Nesselrode; To the Bone; 

Best Cinematography -

**Father of Nations**; Wild Fire; Kill the Darling; Living Roots; Dangerous Ones; Seeker; Every Day; Plus One; The Man in the Long Black Coat

Shawnee Brittan Mark of Excellence Award -

**David McDonald for his talent and service in photography**

Best Lead Actress -

Rachel Cannon as Kris (Amelia’s Prayer); **Celeste Marcone as Elliana (Wild Fire)**; Madeleine Dee as Avary (Wild Fire); Jillian Geurts as Del (Wild Fire); Savannah White (Into); Connie Franklin as Stacey Pierce (Seeker); Sofia Masson as Maddie (Every Day); Nicole Coulon as Laurel (Every Day); Lindsay Christopher as Soleil (Father of Nations); Maddie Conway as Jill (The Secret Light of Flowers)

Best Lead Actor -

Brian Grob as Father (Gilead); Todd Licea as Noah (Wild Fire); Fabius Bascon as Tommy (Sacrament); Jace Greenwood as Dustin (Sacrament); Brooks Ryan as Garrett Cain / Tut (Seeker); Kyle Jacob Henry as Trent Pierce (Seeker); Mark Costello as Charles Sloan (Charles Sloan); **Nathan Horch as Jacob (Father of Nations)**

Best Music Video -

A Feast That Never Comes; **(We Are) The Rakes of Mallow**; Things Are Gonna Be Alright

Best Supporting Actress -

Kathy Kelly Christos as Justine (10 Minutes); Jaquai Wade as Detective Bricks (L.I.F.E.: P's & Q’s); Susanne Middelberg (Nice Weather For Ducks); Lauren McDonald as Sydney Newman (Dangerous Ones); **Cerise Pepper as Sera (Father of Nations)**

Best Supporting Actor -

Ricky Smiley as Bill Wilson (Dangerous Ones); Joshua Logan Alexander as Jordan Price (Dangerous Ones); **Ed Ogum as Ibrahim (Father of Nations)**

Best Music -

**Wild Fire**; Father of Nations; Gilead; The Guard; A Little Dead; Seeker; The Man in the Long Black Coat

Best Editing -

Wild Fire; **Father of Nations**; Musher

Best University Film -

Duck Test; Living Roots; Filmed in Oklahoma; **Sacrament**

Best High School Film -

Game Plan; **Bomb Defusing for the Abducted Adolescent: An Instructional Demonstration**

Best Native Film -

**The Trial of Standing Bear**; Rosalie Fish; Lone Wolf Hill; Living Roots; Kakiniit;

Best Iranian Film -

The Fifth Question: Why is this Passover Different?; **Between the Shells**; Balloon Hearts; Floating Flowers; Flames Appreciate life; Futility Season; Irrelevant Life; Re- made in the USA

Director’s Choice -

**Mark Costello as Charles Sloan (Charles Sloan)**

Most Inspirational Film -

**Amelia’s Prayer**

Best 48 Hour Film -

**Nice Weather For Ducks**

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