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 March 2-5






20 meters of love in Montmartre 

5 min / Art / G 


4 lonely women in Paris find a secret connection between

them, through their hearts and through their arts...


















21 Guns

18 min / Heartfelt Drama / PG

Andrew Smith

21 Guns is a story of deep friendship, love and sacrifice

in the life of a soldier and his family.













95 Decibels

28 min / Heartfelt Drama / PG

Lisa Reznik

A powerful story that explores the emotional obstacles

parents face when they get an unexpected diagnosis for

their child.













Alma Avira

8 min / Art / PG

Kyle Harris

A somber woman awaits the return of her husband who is

away at war.


Any Day Now

20 min / Comedy / PG-13

Albert Uria

A short, sweet comedy about how short (and sweet)

life can be...









19 min / Comedy / PG

Nathan Riehl

A young introvert, afraid of the outside world,

must escape the house holding him captive or

remain a prisoner inside forever.










Blue eyed boy

18 min / Drama / PG

Masoud Soheili

A boy with unusual color blindness causes his parents

shame when he accidentally kills some village livestock,

so his parents seek medical treatment for the boy, and

when hospital doctors cannot help, they take him to a

local Shaman for a remedy...
















Birthday Boy

8 min / Comedy / PG-13

Samuel Thomas

What would it be like to have your own theme music?

When a musician appears on Dave Matthew's (no relation)

doorstep, this birthday boy embarks on an epic,

symphonic adventure. But could the sweet melodies spoil

our hero's day? It's a delightful dark comedy that was

written, shot and edited in only 48 hours.


Born Again

7 min / Dark Comedy / PG-13

Jason Tostevin

Worst. Satanists. Ever.

When five bumbling Satanists have their summoning

ceremony go horribly right, they're left to deal with

the decidedly holy shit consequences.











14 min / Comedy / PG-13

Scott Granville

On his release from the Treemore Correctional Facility

for Men, career burglar Karl Plunkett Jr. is determined

to make amends for his earlier life of crime. Enlisting

the help of younger brother Brian, Karl embarks on a

quest for redemption – through the unconventional method

of breaking into his former victim’s homes and replacing

earlier stolen household items with goods of equal value.










The Bulleteers

9 min / Sci-fi, Wester, Comedy / PG

Kyle Roberts

When a quirky but deadly outlaw returns to town, it's

up to a masked hero to gather a group of misfits to save

the townspeople from the wrath of Todd.





The Call

20 min / Thriller, Drama / R

Quavondo Nguyen

How far are we willing to go to help a stranger in need?

Brynn's comfortable night at home is interrupted when a

mysterious man in need shows up at her door. Human nature

is tested as she navigates her struggle between Good Samaritan

and cautious citizen.





Colt 13

13 min / Drama / R

Luke McKay

A former sports phenomenon looks to settle a score with

the man he believes is responsible for destroying his

life - his brother.









3 min / Comedy / PG

C.J. Lazaretti

From his privileged point of view in outer space, a

jaded nobleman feeds off the spiritual energy of

planet Earth. As he himself is watched from above,

his overindulgent appetite pushes the boundaries of

what his poor aristocratic frame can cope with,

bringing dangerous consequences to the fabric of space

and time. Peoples of the Earth, beware of Duke Cosmico:

you are what he eats.







10 min.

Dmitry Milkin

A community of old men and park pigeons come together to

help one of their own get through a great loss.












20 min / Drama / PG-13

Maria Luna

A young European journalist is in Kenya, when she is

kidnapped and forced to share experiences with two
















The Double Cross

7 min / Comedy / G

Mark Brocking

The Double Cross is a silent black and white comedy

short set in the 1920s, where our hero is a young waiter

for hire who gets caught up in a murder plot during a

party and eventually rescues the damsel in distress.















Eat Organic

9 min / Horror Comedy / PG-13

Dustin Hawkins


It is a well known fact that a majority of people don't

pay attention to the ingredients of what they are eating.

Over the last decade, some secret organization has been

building a chemical change in our bodies through our

more processed foods and today the final ingredient went

in to complete the transformation of turning us all into

flesh eating zombies! 

This is the story of one particular fellow named Logan

and his girlfriend Lucy.






A Funny Man

13 min / Comedy / PG-13

Benjamin Wilson

A man finds himself in the unlikeliest of conversations

with an overeager life insurance telemarketer after

being placed on hold by the suicide hotline.















Four Pies 

13 min / Heartfelt Drama / PG

Andrew Huggins

A woman returns home to her two sisters and grieving

father after her mother dies.














15 min / Drama / PG

Matthew Macar

The sudden loss of one man deeply affects three

women in his life in profound and varied ways,

but are they in fact just the visions of a man

who has lost himself?



11 min / Animation / G

Alexander Kurilov

In Exile is the story of a boy who lives with his

grandmother in an Eastern European village. His parents

are both working abroad, so the boy is left to his own

devices. He fills his time by playing in an abandoned

shed on the river bank. Inside the shed he toils away

at a mysterious project - a powerful ‘flying machine’

that would take him to his parents. This project keeps

him going, until one day he makes an unexpected friend

who needs his care and protection. So the boy has to

choose between his all consuming dream of re-uniting

with his parents or taking care of another living soul.





In The Blink

5 min / Heartfelt Drama / PG

Damien Patrik

Time flies...faster than you can ever imagine.












Last Broadcast

11 min / Sci-fi Horror / PG-13

Nathan Edwards

The unseen final video of a government conspiracy

Vblogger is found after her disappearance.








The last journey of the enigmatic Paul WR

17 min / Post-Apocalyptic / PG

Romain Quirot

The red moon threatens our existence on earth. Our

only hope is the enigmatic Paul WR, the most talented

astronaut of its generation. But few hours before the

start of the Great mission, Paul disappeared.











Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

7 min / Comedy / PG-13

Jacob Burns

Everything spirals out of control as two young woman

struggle to keep a dead body out of sight. This film was

made as part of the Okc 48hr Film Project.




Love is.

6 min / Art-Experimental / G

Lincoln Korver

"Love is." is the portrayal of the inner monologue

that resides within us all. Through introspective

visuals and narration, this film encourages and

celebrates the acceptance of the unspoken warmth,

pain, growth, and transformation that occurs whenever

a person dares to love.










22 min / Sci-fi / PG

Silke C. Engler

Jo is working as a trainer at the Fitness Company MIND

YOUR BODY. His conciousness is slipping into the body

of a customer and he is doing their sportsprogram for

them. During this session Jo is not allowed to make

any contact to the customer’s environment. Otherwise

the exchange of conciousness could be disturbed.

Dreams can originate and they are strictly forbidden

in this future world. One day when Jo traines the

famous Eddie he meets Ery and suddenly for him

everything changes.

No Less Than A Man

9 min / Art-Experimental / PG

William Tyler

A short film based off a poem by William Tyler, has

you looking at homeless people as being no different

than yourself.

Okay, OK

7 min / Comedy / R

Kyle Bergersen

It's like [Portlandia] but set in Oklahoma.








The Opera Singer

3 min / Drama / G

Steve Kahn

A woman is haunted by unfulfilled dreams.

















The Pickle

14 min / Comedy / PG-13

Kyle Kleinecke

In a small town, a long time feud between two

neighbors has reached a fever pitch. The laid back

sheriff and his wisecracking sidekick try to keep

everything from getting out of hand but this proves

harder than they expected.

















The Prisoner Of Perdition

23 min / Western /

Cameron McCasland

In the old west in the town of Perdition, U.S. Marshall

Tom Clanton (Rusty James) along with his Deputy Jacob Darby

(Michael Longstreth) attempt to protect their prisoner Thorne

(John Wells) from an angry mob. But the prisoner has his own

devilish intentions.


11 min / Comedy / G

Anietie Antia-Obong

Six year-old Priyanath imagines himself to be a

superhero taking down imaginary villains with his

extraordinary powers. But when he learns of a real

danger near his home, Priyanath must decide if he’s

actually got what it takes to be a real life



15 min / Art-experimental / R

Liz Tabish

Psychotropical is a short film following Charlie

after she takes an off-the-market psychotropic drug

given to her by her rich, older boyfriend Howard.

When he leaves town on business she invites the

humanitarian, socially conscious Nate over to

continue their secret affair. After the drugs kick in,

Charlie and Nate are transported in their minds to a

strangely sinister paradise. Psychotropical has been

described as "an intensely directed, visually bombastic,

cinematic film" and "intoxicatingly erotic, mixed with

intense mystery".







The Root Cellar

15 min / Thriller / PG-13

Kyle Kleinecke

While investigating a deadly house fire, the Police

Chief and Detective try to get answers from a

mysterious man who was found in a cellar under the










Running Up That Hill (The Hill)

5 min / Drama / PG

Dan E. Tibbs

A steamy love affair with twists and turns set to

the song "Running Up That Hill" by Placebo


6 min / Drama / PG

Savannah Rodgers

After falling deeply in love, two women struggle with

domesticity and their opposite personalities.









7 min / Drama / PG

Robin Polak

A little boy walks through a toy store full of people

talking a strange and incomprehensible language. Alone

he bonds with a young mother who finds a way to 

communicate with him without words. He is going to

tell her something that she was not ready to hear.



6 min / Drama / PG

Lance McDaniel

SWIRL is the story of a boy's first crush told through

dance, exploring the journey your mind takes the first

time you touch someone you love.
















Ten Thousand Camels

13 min / Drama / PG-13

Kent Flaagan

This short film is the last thirteen minutes in the

lives of two good men. A soldier who believes he's

captured a terrorist, and a Middle Eastern man who

believes the terrorist has captured him.















Test of Courage

20 min / Drama / PG

Rena Dumont

During WWII, a bunch of children, with 11-year old

Anton and his younger brother Rudi in the middle,

meet up at a wall at the cementery. They regulary

have tests of courage. As it is Rudi´s turn, he makes

his way, armed with a knife, to the grave of a child

murderer, where the night ends in terror.


12 min/ Drama / PG-13

Aidin Eftekhari

A family guy finds his apartment on fire when he is

on his way to it. Fortunately, he finds his wife and

daughter alive and took them out of the hazard. 
Just when he is relieved, suddenly things got changed

and they start to disappear one after each other and

the hardworking father begin to struggle out of an

endless nightmare.

Unleavened Bread

9 min / Comedy / PG-13

Wilfried Méance

Vanessa is in love with Rémi. Rémi is in love with

Vanessa. Only one damper: his bread won't rise...


33 min / Drama / PG-13

Lilli Schwabe

Clara, an aspiring gynecologist, is enthusiastically

supporting her patients, no matter if they are bringing

a child into the world or are making the decision to

have an abortion. At the same time, she is attempting

to be a good wife and loving mother to her two little

children. However, with the increasing pressures of

daily life, her self imposed belief systems are

beginning to falter, her duties in the clinic suddenly

seem insurmountable and her family life is slipping




The Usual Silence 

5 min / Drama / PG

Samuel Thomas

An everyday Joe with his everyday problems happens

upon a man experiencing true grief. Whether he can help

or not, he won’t walk away unchanged.














A Way Out

14 min / Drama / R

Jason Tostevin

When aging gangster Vic risks it all to quit the life,

he discovers his young protege has been keeping a

secret of his own -- one that plunges them both into a

deadly cat and mouse game over the course of one car








Who is Riley Oakes?

20 min / Drama / PG

Ron Devitt

Two high school slackers stumble upon a discarded set

of old reel-to-reel tapes, labeled 'Riley Oakes'. When

they listen to the voice on the tapes they discover that

Riley uses music to overcome a disability and decide to

find him as part of a school project.









Worth The Wait

11 min / Comedy / PG-13

Joel Berry

He's moved on. So has she. But the annual jelly making

competition reveals they both still have something to







Writer's Block

6 min / Comedy / PG

Robby Sparks

A writer finds that inspiration is everywhere...

just not here.




Yes, We're Open

14 min / Heartfelt Drama / PG

Yousef Kazemi

A story about an unlikely friendship between a

convenience store owner and a shy, young girl. 

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