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 March 2-5


Documentary Films

High School Films

Documentary Films


Boomtown: An American Journey

41 min / Documentary / G

Bunee Tomlinson

Historical retrospective focusing on the booms and

busts of Tulsa, Oklahoma; its cultural challenges &

the impact wealth from oil has had on the region.






Brother Valentine

30 min / Documentary / PG-13

Tim Rundel

On August 7, 1974, an Oklahoma City family is devastated after

their 15-year-old son brutally murders his older sister. This

documentary revisits the overwhelming effects on the Valentine

family some 40 years later. The film explores the controversial

justifications made by this teenage boy in regards to his

motives for killing his sister (via interviews with the

prosecutor, his defense attorney, neighbors and his mother).

A close-knit community is outraged when the Valentine family

hires a prominent defense attorney to keep their son out of jail.

Public records requested during the filming of the doc uncovers

stunning details and buried secrets about this preventable tragedy.


Bunee: The Boy From Constanța 

15 min / Documentary / PG

Bunee Tomlinson


After spending the first six years of his life in the

dreadful Romanian orphanage system of the 1980’s and

1990’s, a young boy searches for something to drive him

in his new world and discovers that filmmaking could be

the engine for his personal growth.















Circus City, USA

30 min / Documentary / PG

Adam Wright

Since the early 1940s, more than 20 circus companies

have made their home in Hugo, Oklahoma. It's unique

history has earned the town the nickname Circus City,

USA, and this film spends time with both the eccentric

circus characters of the road and the people back in

Hugo who keep it all going.

Don’t Sell My Guitars

20 min / Documentary / G

Lynn Montgomery

He picked Oklahoma cotton from the age of 5 and bought

his first guitar from the Sears Roebuck catalogue when

he was 7. By the time he was 10, preachers came from

all over Oklahoma to take him to tent revivals to play

his beloved Silvertone guitar. Over the years, he

collected and played Gibsons, Martins and Fenders and

when he wasn’t playing them they hung on the wall of 

his music room. Now in the final days of his long life,

he has one last request, “Don’t sell my guitars.” This

is the story of my Dad, Kenny Montgomery, and the

surprising revelation of what happened to his most

beloved guitar of all – that old Sears Roebuck




25 min / Documentary / PG

Jerimy Sherin, Egan Galvin, Luke Spencer

In February of 2010, Angela Spencer received a heart

transplant after years of battling an unknown heart

disease. Months after the operation, she wrote a

letter to the donor's family where her new heart

came from. 
The letter was returned. 
Six years later, Jerimy Sherin, Egan Galvin and Luke

Spencer began a search to find the family of his

mother's heart donor. 

Filming the entire process in real time, from family

interviews to researching the organ donation process,

Heartsick is a documentary about how the gift of new

life changes more than one.



High Signs

13 min / Documentary / PG

Damien Patrik

A docu-comedy that takes a look at one of America's

least coveted professions - costumed characters and

sign spinners.

Le Quinze Mai à Paris (May 15th in Paris)

10 min / Documentary / G

Janek Ambros

Barbara De Fina (Martin Scorsese's producer of 3

decades) presents a film of Paris on May 15, 2016

juxtapose with a Parisian narrator telling us the

story of May 15, 1848.









Memories of Daehan

4 min / Documentary / G

Kwi Gun Kim

1100km 63 villages and 15 provinces in three weeks with

backpack and limbs. Over the mountains and under the

water; this is a video montage of flashbacks of

lone-traveling with no money in south Korea; The sound

of leaves falling, the smell of a barn full of dust 

and generosity of people who slid by along the journey

...All frozen in time.

The Promise

74 min / Documentary / PG-13

Zeljko Mirkovic

A century ago Rogljevo was incredibly prosperous for

a remote village in far eastern corners of Serbia.

The wines of Rogljevo were to be found at exhibitions

in Bordeaux and Paris. But today this region is poor

and deserted. Suddenly a French family moved in to

grow grapes and produce wine. They believe they have

discovered a promised land, one of the top five wine

regions in Europe. Their arrival sparked high hopes

with some villagers - and great resistance and

mistrust with others. Can Rogljevo yet again live

out of its wine?













The Resurrection Club

25 min / Documentary / PG-13

Álvaro Corcuera and Guillermo Abril

With exclusive access to their most intimate meetings and their daily life, we

follow four death row exonerates in their effort to continue normally with

their lives. We follow them in their struggle to find other exonerates to join

the club and on their tour to speak out against the death penalty and the

celebration of Life.



32 min / Documentary / PG

Mark Williams

A documentary that follows Native American female

boxer Shiloh LeBeau as she competes for the 2016

Ringside World Championship. We see her journey

as her toughest battles take place outside of the


Still Sophie 

7 min / Documentary / G

Caroline Knight

Four and a half years ago, young talent Sophia

Salveson’s life changed forever. Doctors said

she may never walk again, may never talk again...

may never perform again. They were wrong.



14,508 9 min / Documentary / G

Dylan Reiss

Mount Whitney, 14,508 feet tall. This tells the story

of an ascent of the highest mountain in the lower

forty-eight states and an 83 mile trip, over 8 days.










10 min / Drama / G

Caleb Wild

A teen aging out of the foster care system, scrambling

to determine his future, is suddenly interrupted by

the appearance of his biological father.













For Your Sins

3 min / Action Drama / PG

Noah Cassidy

A teenage girl is abducted into the slave trade.







Georgian Dance

30 min / Documentary / G

Salome Tkebuchava

"Georgian Dance" describes the journey of discovering

the choreography, cultural context, and music in

Georgian dance. Teeming with epic stage fencing and

interviews with scholars and archaeologists, "Georgian

Dance" translates into film the passion and energy

found in the dance.









Idée Fixe

12 min / Drama / PG

Liezl Bitas

After an argument on the road, Sam loses herself

through a strange forest and into an even stranger

old French chateau where she bears witness to a

forgotten love




Just Like Today

2 min / Heartfelt Drama / G

Isabella Olaguera


A young woman prepares for a fancy occasion.








A Pirate's Life

4 min / Heartwarming Comedy / G

Isabella Olaguera

After reading about pirates, a young boy devises a

series of steps to become just like the swashbucklers

in his book.











Taking a Beating

10 min / Action Drama / PG

Alec Douglas

This short film is centered on a troubled teenager

who's addiction to fighting in underground boxing

matches for money sets him on the path of losing

the things that matter most to him.

23 Hours

Wynn Reichert

Feature Screenplay





Dead Sprint

Jason Tostevin

Short Screenplay



The Devil's Gun

Twitchy Dolphin Flix

Feature Screenplay






Everyone's Gone

to the Moon

Lana Casperson

Feature Screenplay





Six-Legged Couch

Kate Longoria

Short Screenplay

Sunday, March 5th 4:30 pm
Friday, March 3rd 7:30 pm
Saturday, March 4th 3:45 pm
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Saturday, March 4th 3:45 pm
Saturday, February 25th
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Saturday, March 4th 7:20 pm

February 25th Time: TBA

Saturday, March 4th 12:30 pm

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February 25th Time: TBA

February 25th Time: TBA

February 25th Time: TBA

February 25th Time: TBA


A middle-aged, stand-up comedian finishes a show and has 23 hours to kill before he gets back on stage. The situation becomes difficult when his less than supportive wife shows up and he’s saddled with a loose cannon opening act.

The last surviving members of a rescue team must outrace a horrifying plague of monsters -- and outlast treachery in their own ranks -- to give humanity one last chance at a cure.

In the West Texas town of Diablo, the portal for the US/Mexican drug and sex trade, an entire population lives in terror. When a covert FBI agent, his cover blown and on the run, stumbles into the town, he must choose between looking the other way and waging a war to protect people he's never met.

A teenage flower child and her four brothers struggle with conflicting issues of love, peace, and the draft as they come of age during the Vietnam War era, under the guidance of a young man who isn't much older than they are.

February 25th Time: TBA

Holly and Fiona are moving into their first apartment after college. They think the worst has happened when they buy a second-hand couch that is infested with roaches. The roaches should be the least of their worries.

All Red Dirt nominees and winners will be listed on IMDB. Click to see our listing.

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